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Nikki & Marianne

After a positive experience with Pregnancy Yoga, we signed up for Baby Yoga as soon as Marianne was old enough. The classes have been great fun and have also taught me some great relaxation techniques for myself and my baby. Marianne really enjoys the sessions and always spends the rest of the day happy and relaxed.


Verity & Rose
Sian's baby yoga sessions are such a joy. My 5 month old and I look forward to every Friday morning as we are guaranteed a warm, fun environment as well as learning some great massage and yoga techniques. Sian is such a lovely, open person that she makes the sessions really enjoyable for everyone. The tea and cake at the end is always a welcome bonus so us mums can have a good old natter and bond over mum-stuff! I would recommend her classes to anyone.

Jo & Henry

Baby Yoga with Sian was just fantastic and such great fun, Henry loved all the different songs and actions and both of us felt relaxed in the small, intimate group and lovely studio space. Sian is a brilliant teacher and all the babies love her soothing voice and calm but fun energy. It felt so great to have a few minutes of 'me time' entwined, I hadn’t stretched my shoulders for months and Henry loved watching me do some Yoga too!! A 'must do' for Mum and baby.


Gail & Jacob

Baby Yoga is a lovely and dynamic group that incorporates baby yoga in a fun way for both the parent and baby. Sian is a great teacher and always makes you feel relaxed and creates a perfect environment for the group. The gentle exercises for both baby and mum and the breathing techniques, massage and relaxation, work really well. Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed every session and I have met some lovely mums along the way. I would highly recommend this group to any new mums!


Jessica & Iris

I thoroughly enjoyed the baby yoga classes with my daughter Iris. It meant I got over an hour just concentrating on being with my little one, then a good half hour having lovely chats with all the other lovely Mums! It was very relaxing, and I always felt totally refreshed after each class. It also did not matter if Iris needed feeding, or her nappy changing, or just wanted to be held. Sian was very easy-going; although she always made sure we all did some work on our pelvic floor muscles each week!


Emma & Vivi

I did both Pregnancy and Baby Yoga with Sian and I can't put into words just how amazing I found both courses. Sian is a fantastic teacher and the classes became a huge part of my pregnancy and post pregnancy experience. The yoga really helped me as a busy mum of two to find some time out to enjoy my pregnancy and some much needed calm. Once Vivi was born the Baby Yoga was very special bonding time for me and Vivi and we made lots of new friends in the process. The studio is a perfect spot for the intimate classes Sian provides. I can't recommend it enough.


Bryony & Oscar

I took both pregnancy and baby yoga with Sian and completely loved both classes. I found the yoga class to be a godsend during pregnancy. My job is quite pressurised and I was very conscious of managing my stress levels. Sian's class played a huge part in helping me stay relaxed and happy and I'm fairly certain directly contributed to the chilled out little boy I now have! When he was old enough we took the baby yoga class and Oscar came to love it. Sian is so warm and offers so much support, advice and love when, at times, you may feel a tad emotional. She has made such a huge difference to my experience of becoming a mother and I would recommend her classes without hesitation. I'm actually looking forward to having my next baby so I can do pregnancy yoga again!


Elaine & Saoirse

I cannot recommend this course highly enough! Of all the courses and playgroups I attended while on maternity leave, this one was by far the most fun, relaxed and entertaining. We looked forward to it every week! Sian is a kind and thoughtful teacher and clearly adores every baby she meets. If you or your baby is having an off day, there is no pressure to participate, you can simply relax and take things at your own pace, and do what suits best for your baby on that day. Sian is an absolute ace at handling a room full of tired babies and always helps out if you are struggling. We learned so much at this class and still use many of the songs and exercises that we learned, and Saoirse loves them all! If you do any class while you are maternity leave, it's got to be this one.


Suzanne & Gretta

Both baby Greta (now 8 months old) and I have really enjoyed going to baby yoga with Sian over the last few months, in fact it has been our favourite thing all week which we looked forward to! Sian is always so cheerful and caring (as well as being friendly and welcoming and making us laugh) and the sessions vary each week so we never got bored. Greta really enjoyed the songs and actions and baby massage (all of which I now do at home with her) and it was really nice to meet other mums with babies a similar age.


This might sound a bit silly but it was also really nice for someone to ask how you are for a change as often you don't stop to ask yourself this! sometimes it was also just really good to offload and have a (brief) moan. But also really useful as other people in the class share their experiences and knowledge too. I also found the relaxation at the end such a great opportunity to take a moment out to just chill. Sian always seems to sense who needs a break and will jiggle babies accordingly!!


Lastly I have to mention Sian's amazing home made cakes which are worth going to the class for on their own! 


All in all the class is really relaxed and fun and I'd highly recommend it to any new mum - Greta got a lot out of the class and I'm sure it has helped her was also great to squeeze a few stretches in for me too. Great value for money and worth every penny.


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