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Vicky Rodman,

" Pregnancy yoga was fantastic, it combined a wide variety of aspects that really supported me during my pregnancy. Firstly the major aspect for me was a tranquil, warm and friendly atmosphere to arrive into after a hectic day. It wasn't just a yoga class, Sian offered a friendly ear and open forum to discuss many pregnancy experiences, listen and offer advice when I came up with a long list of ailments! The new studio was a perfect setting for this. 

Being a real novice in yoga Sian devised a program of moves that was accessible for all and everyones level was catered for. There was a great balance of stretching and full yoga positions with relaxation and time to connect with your baby.

I will definitely use a variety of the techniques throughout labour and beyond."


Emma Bond, 

"Sian is a fantastic yoga teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course.  As a busy full time Mum, pregnant with my second child, the pregnancy yoga classes allowed me the time out and relaxation I need.  They are relaxing, informative and fun. The course has provided me with a few tricks to keep me calm during pregnancy and birth.  Sian makes you feel very relaxed and the studio is a very calming space to practice yoga in.  Highly recommended" 


Amy, Redfield, Bristol, First time Mum

'The yoga classes have been a haven of calm duirng my busy, working pregnancy. Sian's friendly and gentle apporach made me feel relaxed and welcome from the very first class. The postures, techniques and breathing exercises have helped me remain energised and more supple during my pregnancy and to feel positive and prepared for birth. Thank you Sian'.


Jo Saxby,

I started Yoga with Sian at when 12 weeks pregnant and have been every week since (now 34 weeks), its been so amazingly valuable, not only for the beneficial yoga practice, stretches and breathing specifically tailored for pregnancy but for the reassuring tips and chats with a roomful of other pregnant and super lovely ladies! It’s been one of the best things about my pregnancy, look forward to it every week and I also now feel fully armed for a lovely relaxed and easy birth!

Sian is a really great teacher offering relaxed yet absolutely valuable classes, can’t wait for Baby Yoga!

Catherine Hoare,

I found the course really enjoyable and relaxing and being new to yoga I appreciated Sian's friendly approach to the classes. I found a number of the exercises and breathing techniques we learnt particually helpful in late pregnancy, to ease aches and pains and so on. During labour I felt confident to try a number of the breaths and positions, which I found really effective in pain management. Afterwards my Midwife credited my daughter's quick and straightforward birth in part to the yoga I had practiced throughout the labour!


Hannah Bonnel,

I really enjoyed the class and would look forward to it every week - its relaxed and friendly atmosphere made sure that I felt that way when I left even if I'd been having a bad week beforehand! I also felt that it gave me a proper chance to spend some time focusing on my baby too. Sian is a great teacher!


Clare Cannon,

I attended Sian's pregnancy yoga classes every week from about 20 weeks and they were a huge help and comfort during both my pregnancy and labour. You definatley don't need to have done any yoga before. Sian's friendly, relaxed  manner makes you feel really at home as you take a little time out for yourself and your growing baby. I would recommend them to anyone.


Jess Monks,

What I loved best about Sian's pregnancy yoga class was how comfortable and at ease she made you feel. It was good to spend an hour and a half out of my busy week, being free from the distractions of the outside world, thinking of nothing else apart from focusing on my baby growing inside me. The classes are small and intimate, so you feel like you're getting one-to-one lessons and you get support from the others in the class too, sharing experiences and being able to moan about the pains of pregnancy! Sian taught me invaluable positions that I used every day at home & work that eased my indigestion, my leg cramps, and most uncomfortable of all the constant pelvic pain. All the different breathing techniques and the variety of positions, really helped me in the initial stages of my contractions. I cannot wait to start Sian's baby yoga class with my little baby girl!


It was a blessing to find out about Sian's pregnancy yoga course. With a toddler and a busy job to handle, the weekly classes gave me some me time with the chance to relax and most importantly to connect with my baby. Sian is a dedicated teacher with a great sense of humour. I have enjoyed every single class: the 5 minute chat at the start allowed us all to bond and the 15 minute relaxation at the end was bliss. Cannot wait for the baby yoga course to start!

I am so glad that I discovered Sian's pregnancy yoga class because it offered me so much more than exercise alone. Sian created a very warm, honest and safe space where I was able to focus on my pregnancy as a personal journey, where I met other mothers and built friendships, and where I was able to relax and laugh. I left each session feeling uplifted, energised and deeply connected with my baby.


Being a first time expectant mum and having attended Sian's yoga class has made my experience so far magical. The ambient, calm surroundings and relaxation techniques have helped create a haven away from the outside world in order for me to relax and take time out of my busy work routine to connect with my baby. It has given me the confidence in embracing and enjoying the gift of pregnancy.


I've attended Sian's yoga classes from 16 weeks...I'm now at 29 and can honestly say that they've been a highlight of my pregnancy. Warm, welcoming and instructive the classes have helped me relax, stretch away pregnancy niggles and meet lots of lovely ladies. Sian is wonderful and I would recommend her classes without hesitation. Thank you!


Sian is a wonderful teacher - she immediately makes you feel welcomed and at ease and demonstrates simple ways to help you feel good through pregnancy. It's been a fantastic experience - showing me ways to relax and connect with my body and baby, as well as introducing me to a lovely group of people. The classes are in a warm, calming setting with just the right number of people. I'm so happy to have found this class and am really grateful for the positivity it has provided me with in my pregnancy.


Sian is a fantastic teacher and a very warm individual. Her pregnancy yoga classes aren't just about physical movement, they encompass emotional wellbeing, too. Which, when you've got hormones galore buzzing around your system, is exactly what you need. The classes are small enough to feel intimate and offer a real opportunity to leave any anxieties behind while gently stretching and recharging your system, leaving you well and truly 'cwtched'."


Since I started Sian's pregnancy yoga class, being pregnant has taken on a whole new feeling! Gone are the days of moaning and groaning about what I can’t do and how much I miss and in their place is an excited sense of respect and wonderment about the massive and wonderful changes that are happening NOW! Sian's class provides an intimate laid back space in which to get to know your pregnant mind, body and soul, connect with your baby and meet lots of lovely ladies that I hope to keep in touch with. It is a warm soft gentle haven that I am ever so glad to have happened upon. Thanks Sian! 


I was initially sceptical about yoga as I enjoy more high impact aerobics as a form of exercise, but having Sian as a teacher was fantastic and yoga was just what I needed. Sian provides a very personal approach; we learn lots, but also have a giggle. I'm now sold on yoga and will continue to go to classes in future.

Sian’s pregnancy yoga have given me a beautiful time to be able to connect with my baby as well as some great other expectant mothers. She provides an intimate calm beautiful space with candles flickering inside as well as outside. You learn great supportive yoga moves and a strong happy attitude to pregnancy and birth. Sian gives us time to discuss our joys and woes at the beginning of the class which is always great to hear and help the group bond. I feel blessed to have found these yoga classes, it’s a very special time and place and Sian embraces this perfectly.

Sian’s yoga classes were my sanctuary during my pregnancy, they got me through my labour (a lot quicker and smoother than anticipated) and I have missed them ever since. The pregnancy yoga classes helped me to focus my positive energy on my growing baby, celebrate the developments as they happened by sharing experiences with other mums to be and chill out. Both baby and I benefited from Sian's teaching and sense of humour. I have recommended the class many times since and am looking forward to baby yoga in the near future.



Attending pregnancy yoga gave me tome each week to replax and talk with other mums-to-be. I really enjoyed the course and the things I learnt meant I approached the birth feeling calm and positive; the breathing exercises (and some luck) proved invaluable and helped me through labour drug-free!



Sian is such a warm and welcoming person, taking any of her yoga classes is a joy. I've been through pregnancy yoga twice and am about to start Baby Yoga again with my son, as my daughter and I loved it so much. Sian has a special way of encouraging and nurturing all of the people who come and take her classes. The atmosphere Sian creates is easy going, non judgemental and good fun.



This class was a fabulous oasis of calm in the few busy months leading up to the birth of my first baby and I always came away from it feeling very relaxed and peaceful. Sian is an amazing teacher, so calm and thoughtful, and I learned so many great tips and practices for labour. If you are having one of those days when you are feeling tired or uncomfortable, there is no pressure to perform, Sian is so understanding and happy for you to just sit and relax and not feel like you have to participate in every exercise. It was the perfect antidote to a busy day in work. There was always lots of lovey chat and advice at every class too and it really felt like we were all going through an important journey together. I would highly recommend this course to all pregnant ladies!!


Hannah G,
I was completely new to yoga, and perhaps shouldn't have started when I became pregnant! It didn't matter, all expertise are catered for. The classes are so welcoming, and it has been so nice to meet other pregnant ladies in the area. Sian is very friendly and the classes are a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I am now on my fourth course, being 36 weeks pregnant and I don't know what I would have done without it. I have had all the ailments of pregnancy (which I have shared with everyone at the class!) including pain in places I never thought I could have pain, and pregnancy yoga has really helped me to deal with this. I am now practising all the techniques I have learned for the birth. Thanks Sian!



I took both pregnancy and baby yoga with Sian and completely loved both classes. I found the yoga class to be a godsend during pregnancy. My job is quite pressurised and I was very conscious of managing my stress levels. Sian's class played a huge part in helping me stay relaxed and happy and I'm fairly certain directly contributed to the chilled out little boy I now have! When he was old enough we took the baby yoga class and Oscar came to love it. Sian is so warm and offers so much support, advice and love when, at times, you may feel a tad emotional. She has made such a huge difference to my experience of becoming a mother and I would recommend her classes without hesitation. I'm actually looking forward to having my next baby so I can do pregnancy yoga again!



I would definitely recommend snow yoga I loved the weekly sessions with Sian. I felt safe and relaxed under Sian's guidance and tuition, as the sessions are specifically tailored for pregnancy I felt secure and confident under her expertise. I loved the relaxation at the end of the sessions and had the best nights sleep afterwards. The breathing techniques during the birthing sessions helped me immensely during my labour, I can't wait to start baby yoga!

Hannah Gill,

"I was completely new to yoga, and perhaps shouldn't have started when I became pregnant! It didn't matter, all expertise are catered for. The classes are so welcoming, and it has been so nice to meet other pregnant ladies in the area. Sian is very friendly and the classes are a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I am now on my fourth course, being 36 weeks pregnant and I don't know what I would have done without it. I have had all the ailments of pregnancy (which I have shared with everyone at the class!) including pain in places I never thought I could have pain, and pregnancy yoga has really helped me to deal with this. I am now practising all the techniques I have learned for the birth. Thanks Sian!"



I loved going to pregnancy yoga with Sian. She was so warm and friendly from the moment I walked through the door. Every week I really looked forward to the chance to completely relax in the tranquil studio but also have a giggle at the same time. Sian was always genuinely interested in how you were feeling and could offer emotional support as well as yoga advice to help with any physical ailments. I had tension between my shoulders and a trapped nerve in my leg and Sian was able to show me stretches to really help with both; I still do them now. Snow Yoga is a must during pregnancy; especially if you are working and have a toddler already! I am thrilled to hear that Sian is returning to teach general yoga and I hope to enjoy more yoga with Sian in a fun and warm (she has lovely underfloor heating - bonus :) ) environment. Thanks Sian.


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