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Baby Yoga (& tea and cake) -Thursday

Start them early - the next generation of Snowgi's

  • Starts 15 Sept
  • 54 British pounds
  • Devon Road

Service Description

Baby Yoga: This class is a mixture of yoga for mum and baby. For mums we focus on gentle stretches to help relieve those achy backs and shoulders. The yoga, both physical, mental and emotional, will back some of your confidence for both mind and spirit. With postural and pelvic floor awareness this is a great opportunity to get to know your body again in a very safe and non judgemental environment. Baby Yoga is actually very similar to adult yoga, it’s about stretching, breathing and relaxation. It can offer the baby a dynamic and active class for the days that the baby is alert and needs stimulating or a relaxing calm class for quieter days. The classes include adapted Hatha yoga postures, soothing body strokes, movements which enhance development and making sure that it is fun through playfulness and songs, this helps mum and baby interact and develop. Baby Yoga isn’t just about participating in a class once a week, it’s something that Mum and baby can practise at home, on a bus, at friends houses, in a café, it is accessible to all in a huge variety of situations. Yoga can enhance your life and bring a calm, fun, relaxed, happy healthy environment to you and your baby. There are a huge amount of benefits for the both parent and child. Benefits for babies Strengthens and aids development Improves sleep patterns Aids digestion, including wind and constipation It may help to strengthen your baby's immune and respiratory system It improves circulation It helps to develop body-mind awareness and co-ordination, balance and motor skills It can help them adapt to their new environment and reassure them Enhances interaction A balance of activity and relaxation Pleasure and fun Benefits for mums, dads and carers Helps to regain strength and maintain posture Tones the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor Nurturing oneself whilst enjoying activities with your baby Gives confidence in handling your baby Enhanced positivity and interaction Increased bonding between you and your baby Deep relaxation Pleasure and fun

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