Sunday, April 3, 10am-12.15pm  £15

In this workshop we will start to unfurl a little, knowing warmer times are coming. Our amazing and loyal bodies have been in hibernation all winter and now is the time to everso gently welcome in a little more movement with a gentle flow sequence to waken up some of those muscles. Panic not, it won't be a thigh burning squat and chair extravaganza but a delicious flowing sequence to bring that spring into your step. We will then continue the theme of the previous workshops with a Yin sequence followed by a relaxation. As always poems and reading will be threaded throughout.


There will also be a little work on raising your self esteem as it seems that most of our self esteem has taken a bit of a battering, so hopefully you will come out of the workshop feeling a little more lively, refreshed and well and truly ready for the better times coming.....they are coming ;)

This workshop will be via Zoom. There are a few spaces in the studio. Please contact me directly if you would prefer this option.

If you have any questions please email me. 

Purple Buds