Sunday, 26th Sept 10am-12.15pm  £15

The aim of this workshop is to honour Autumn and the concept of letting go. We will embrace the cycle of letting go, rest and rejuvenation. We spend the morning unwinding and focusing on taking our awareness within so that we can release all the holding and business of summer and melt into our practice. We will be doing lots of lovely flowing movements to start but I really want to try and give you a morning of releasing and calming as opposed to strengthening. There will still be a yang element to the start of the class but in a flowing practice and then we will slow things right down again for our yin practice followed by a long relaxation. 

This workshop will be via Zoom. There are a few spaces in the studio. Please contact me directly if you would prefer this option.

If you have any questions please email me. 

Image by Jeremy Thomas