This class offers you and baby not just the opportunity to feel great doing yoga but also a safe and non judgmental space to become part of a wonderful Snow Yoga community. This is especially useful on those trickier days where you be reminded of how absolutely fantastic you are (in a non played out over the top way).  

For class times check out the timetable in the menu bar. If we are part way through a course just give me a shout and I'll see what I can do.


The class itself is a mixture of yoga for mum and baby plus a group chat which not only provides amazing helpful nuggets of information but also allows for those much needed support networks to grow.


For mums we focus on gentle stretches to help relieve those achy areas. The yoga, both physical, mental and emotional, will help give you back some of your confidence for both mind and spirit. With postural and pelvic floor awareness this is a great opportunity to get to know your body again in a very safe and non judgemental environment. 


Baby Yoga is actually very similar to adult yoga, it’s about stretching, breathing and relaxation. It can offer the baby a dynamic and active class for the days that the baby is alert and needs stimulating or a relaxing calm class for quieter days. The classes include adapted Hatha yoga postures, movements which enhance development  and making sure that it is fun through playfulness and songs, this helps mum and baby interact and develop.


Baby Yoga isn’t just about participating in a class once a week, it’s something that mum and baby can practise at home, on a bus, at friends houses, in a café, it is accessible to all in a huge variety of situations. 


Yoga can enhance your life and bring a calm, fun, relaxed, happy healthy environment to you and your baby......Plus there's tea and cake what's not to love :)


Happy Snowgi's



Sian manages to create the most friendly, nurturing and happy space for baby yoga. Our little group felt so supportive. I gained so much from being able to talk openly with the other mums. The yoga moves are so well planned to help soothe early motherhood’s aches and pains, and also keep the babies well entertained. It was one of the loveliest parts of my maternity leave.



Snow yoga has been a lifeline to me during my maternity leave. Sian is an amazing teacher and brings the calm and nurture all new mums need especially in the early days of having and baby. The class provides a space for you to bond with your baby, meet other mums in a friendly environment and a chance to help your body repair and relax through gentle yoga. Both my baby and I love this class and I would recommend it to any new mum as a must do



I went to Sians’s yoga classes, both pregnancy and baby yoga, for over 2 years and I absolutely loved her classes. She manages to make you and your baby feel special, as well as creating a sense of community with the other women. She mixes humour and compassion well and you leave her classes feeling like you’ve had a big hug... a gem of a yoga class!