Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks for visiting Snow Yoga :)


You can start Pregnancy Yoga any time from 14 weeks. The classes run on a Tuesday and Wednesday night during term time. They run as a block, please see the Timetable for the dates of the next course. If we are part way through a course please do get in touch as I may be able to help find you a place.

What we do:

Each week we participate in gentle breathing exercises which help you throughout your pregnancy and during labour. The breathing can help from anything from calming you down, connecting with your baby to helping you sleep and are especially helpful for your labour.

It's quite a chatty class and we make time for this each week. After over a decade of teaching pregnancy yoga it's the connections with other people that prove to be the most helpful time and time again. 


We will also practise a variety of gentle Hatha yoga poses to help keep your body as mobile as possible during your pregnancy. The asana will help strengthen and tone your  body and of course we will focus on those all important pelvic floor muscles. 

At the end of class is a relaxation to help you to bond with your unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques and escape the hustle and bustle of life for a bit.


The final week of the course is all focused on your birth so that you feel not only prepared physically and mentally but super excited for your birthing day.


Pregnancy yoga is not only great for mind, body and spirit but it is also a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow mums to be and make friendships for life. 

If you have any questions please get in touch and I will be happy to help. 

Pregnant Yoga

Happy Snowgi's



Pregnancy yoga with Sian has been so helpful, both in helping me carve out time to bond with my bump and take time out to relax each week, but also I feel like I've learnt so many useful things from Sian that have really helped - from different sleep positions to try, to the invaluable birth week special! During lockdown in particular Sian's weekly pregnancy yoga class has been the best way for me to connect with other mums in my community on the same journey, it's been an absolute staple of my second and third trimester!" 



I attended regular yoga with Sian so was very excited to start pregnancy yoga with her when I got pregnant. I've really enjoyed the classes, the warm and relaxing atmosphere and the feeling of community she creates even through Zoom. Sian has a huge knowledge of pregnancy and birth so I feel completely safe in the sessions and we've all got so many helpful tips from her to apply outside the class, too. I  look forward to my weekly yoga classes and have found them so helpful for my wellbeing, bonding with baby and starting to generate some positive thoughts and helpful strategies for my birth.



Pregnancy yoga with Sian is great! She is a warm and genuine person, who really cares about what’s going on in your life. I attended pregnancy yoga from early on in my pregnancy, right up until the end, and never found it a chore to attend, as some classes can be. Sian is very knowledgeable, always able to offer advice, and her classes are a good balance if fun and exercise. The classes are not too big in size, so it feels quite intimate, which allows you to get to know the others attending - there is a group of us that have remained friends since! Definitely the highlight of my week whilst pregnant.